Emotion Coaching – A Parenting Workshop

“Parenting shouldn’t be simply raising obedient and compliant child but much more”

~ Dr John Gottman

Based on the book by Dr. John Gottman “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” the workshop aims to help parents connect with their kids/teens and resolve conflicts without escalating their own emotions.

Parents will learn skills to respond to child’s negative emotions (i.e. scared, sad, angry), use emotions for bonding and teachable moments, regulate emotions and set clear, consistent limits in problem-solving.

Besides improving your relationship with your child/teen, Emotion Coaching equips him with skills that set him up for positive social and emotional development that lasts a life-time. He will have more resilience when he face life’s challenges and will build healthier relationships too.

There is an option for group coaching following the workshop. This is not covered by the workshop fee.


30 March 2019


1.30pm – 4.30pm


Ruby is a qualified counsellor and parenting coach. She has Masters in Social Science specialising in Family Therapy and trained in The Gottman Method of Couple Therapy.

Workshop Fee:

$120 per couple
$60 for a single parent ONLY

(Fees indicated are subsidised.)

We require a minimum of 5 couples or 10 individuals to proceed.

  • Time

    1.30 – 4.30pm

  • Venue

    1 Woodlands Rd #04-03, The Tennery, S677899 (top of Junction 10 mall)

  • Group Size

    10 pax

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10 available
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