Adventure Camp with Dad

This 1-day camp provides a platform for fathers to bond with their pre-teens (9 – 14 years old) through adventure-learning. Experience precious moments with your kids before seeing them launch off as teenagers! Not only will you get the chance to do something adventurous with them, it’s also a wonderful way to get talking with them at a deeper level.

Children will have their daddies’ undivided attention at this camp and hear their dads affirm their love for them. Capping off this unique adventure experience is a special time of affirmation with the whole family, in what will undoubtedly be a cherished memory!

ACWD 2017 Calendar

Q1: 18-MAR
Q2: 15-APR | 10-JUN | 17-JUN
Q3: 22-JUL | 19-AUG | 02-SEP | 28-Oct
Q4: 25-NOV | 02-DEC

Discover through these adventure-learning challenges specially designed to foster dad-child interaction and communication.

Camp Highlights

1. Father-Child Adventure Challenges
• Rock-Wall Climbing
• Dark Maze
• High Element Activity
• BBQ Dinner

2. Father-Child Conversations to build awareness and affirmation.

“Good time of bonding and for self realisation!” | “More dads should be informed of this great offering.” | “Great team, the chairs game was excellent! It’s an amazing concept, keep up the good work!” | “I learnt a lot about communication and how to work with my kids.”
~ Comments from Participants ~

  • Connector.

    12 hours

    Duration (9am – 9pm)

  • Connector.

    10 - 12 father-child pairs

    Average Group Size

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ACWD 2017 - DEC 02$150.00Adventure Camp With Dad 2017 - DEC-02 (for 1 father-child pair)