Father-child Bonding Programmes

  • Breakfast with Dad

    The father-child relationship is a significant factor in the emotional and cognitive development of a child. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This workshop will have the father and child embark on a breakfast preparing session together. They will then have the breakfast that they have prepared. This is an experience that is fun and impactful for both father and child. » Learn more

  • Father-Child Experiential Workshop

    Father-child relationship is a significant factor in the emotional and cognitive development of a child. This workshop utilises experiential learning methods to coach fathers to relate with their children. With fun activities and debrief on every activity, the fatherchild pair will have an unforgettable experience while building a stronger relationship. » Learn more

    • Adventure@DAH (f.k.a. Adventure Camp with Dad)

      This programme provides a platform for fathers to bond with their pre-teens through adventure-learning. Fathers will experience precious moments with their children before seeing them launch off as teenagers. Not only will they will get the chance to do something adventurous with their children, but they will also get to communicate with them on a deeper level. Children will get their daddies’ undivided attention and hear their dads affirm their love for them. This special adventure experience  promises to be a special memory forever. » Learn more

    • Fathering Workshops

    • ICAN Fathering Workshop

      The most important role a man can play in his lifetime is that of becoming a father. In this informative workshop, fathers will be equipped to be involved, consistent, aware, and nurturing – the core functions of Effective Fathering. And more importantly, they will empowered through the interaction with fellow father-participants. » Learn more

    • Coaching for Fathers

      Coaching for Fathers is a service that empowers fathers to engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in their children’s lives. We will work on your building relationships with your children that are healthy, nurturing and ongoing. » Learn more

    • Parenting Workshops

    • ICAN Beginning Parenting Programme

      Most new parents struggle to bond with, teach and calm their newborn. No wonder research shows that becoming first-time parents triggers the most stress compared to other life changes. Raising a child is no child’s play; you need help. And that’s where ICAN Beginning Parenting Programme comes in. » Learn more

    • ICAN Parenting Workshop

      Parenting is teamwork. In this workshop parents will together learn how to be involved, consistent, aware, and nurturing parents for the benefit of their children. » Learn more

    • ICAN Parenting Teens Workshop

      Adolescence is known as the ‘turbulent years.’ It can also be the Age of Opportunity if parents understood the changes their teenager experiences during this phase of life.» Learn more

    • Emotion Coaching (Parenting Workshop)

      Based on the book by Dr. John Gottman “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child”, this workshop aims to help parents connect with their kids/teens and resolve conflicts without escalating their own emotions. » Learn more

    • Marriage Workshops

    • Seven Principles Program for Married Couples

      This workshop is for couples who seek to deepen their relationship with their spouses. Whether you have a stable or distressed relationship, this workshop can help you better understand your relationship and teach you ways to foster friendship, trust and intimacy with your partner. It will also teach you ways to navigate or prevent relational conflicts. » Learn more

    • For more information on programmes, please email programmes@fathers.com.sg, or call +65-67691238.