The ICAN Alumni is a unique community of fathers who want to become the hubbies and daddies that their family needs.

Being part of the ICAN Alumni will help you to…

  • Strengthen your marriage. How you can still find connection, love and intimacy with your wife while juggling the demands of work and family.
  • Father effectively. How you can be the father your child needs.
  • Find balance. How you can maintain optimum level of wellness in all aspects of your life.

If you are ready, to this is how you start:
1. Sign up and attend one of the ICAN workshops if you have not attend before. The ICAN Fathering workshop has been updated. I would recommend that you come for a refresher if you have attended it before 2018.

2. Join us at the first ICAN Alumni Gathering on 2 March (1 – 4pm). Save the date in your calendar.

Training Event

50 available
ICAN Alumni - 2 MAR 19$ 8.00ICAN Alumni Gathering - 2 MAR 2019

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