The 5Es stand for Educate, Enlighten, Enable, Equip and Empower.

For Educate, we want to educate all Singaporeans, especially fathers, about the important role dads play.

For Enlighten, we aim to create a change of mindset. The limiting definition of fatherhood as primarily breadwinner… is shared and reinforced by mothers themselves…despite growing rhetoric of shared parenting

For Enable, we want to remove bottlenecks.

For Equip, we want to equip fathers with the necessary fathering skills through a variety of programs and initiatives.

For Empower: “Research shows that multiple factors determine when and how fathers get involved. Particularly important are a father’s own motivation, skills and self-confidence, social approval regarding his role, and institutional support, whether from employers or government.  This suggests that families, the community, employers, the government and fathers themselves have an important part to play in helping fathers succeed in their roles.”